DIY Sephora Inspired Brush Holder!

I had seen this in Sephora and absolutely LOVED the idea! So I told my mom about it because she loves arts & crafts and we decided we would try and make our own! She already had the glass vases which pictured is only the larger one which I made for face brushes(I am in the process of making one for eye brushes.) The 2nd picture is from the day it was made! But anyways we used small clear plastic balls(sephora uses glass ones but they are very pricey.) They work just as good as glass ones and I actually think may be more sturdier then the glass ones. I will list below the steps that I did to make my Face Brush Holder! Hope it helps :)!

Step 1: Find a glass or plastic vase or cup you want to use
Step 2: Buy some sort of bead, rock, balls, anything you want( I recommend something rounded or has smooth edges so it wont damage the handles of the brushes.)
Step 3: Get some ribbon of your choice
Step 4: Get some sort of lettering such as stickers, fabric, paper, etc & some jewels!
Step 5: Have a hot glue gun, or some sort of adhesive.
Step 6: Once you have all your necessities and whatever else you may want to add to your holder, take a newspaper and lay it down on your work area.
Step 7: Take your glass vase and place it in front of you and either have it stand up or lay on its side, whichever you prefer easiest.
Step 8: Take your ribbon and/or jewels and line it around the vase making sure its placed evenly(without permanently sticking on).
Step 9: Once you have found where you would like to place your decorations, pick up your glue gun or whichever form of adhesive your using and begin to apply the ribbon or jewels.
Step 10: Once you have finished placing ribbon or jewels, place your lettering in a spot where it will look best and begin to glue or stick it on.
Step 11: Make sure everything looks good and has cooled and clean up and rough edges from your glue gun.
Step 12: Take your form of filler beads and pour them in your vase a little more then half way(depending on the size and amount of brushes being placed you at least want to have half of the vase filled.)
Step 13: Once its filled gather the brushes the vase is intended for and place them in one by one!
Step 14: You now have created your own cost efficient and Sephora-like stylish brush holder!

*These are my pictures & ideas please do not repost them without permission :), THANKS*
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