DIY: Revamp Old Jewelry with Nail Polish !

5 years ago

If you are a huge fan of costume jewelry such as myself, then you probably have that tarnished necklace that you can`t seem to part with despite how ugly it has become. We don`t mean to be hoarders by keeping it, but feel silly and wasteful if we throw it out so therefore we hold on to it. Or maybe you have a chain necklace that you can no longer wear because the clasp broke, or a pair of earrings that you love but wish they had some color. Bring out your nail polish, get creative, and bring those babies back to life!

Chain jewelry has been all the rave for the past few seasons and I used to love wearing this gold chain layered with other necklaces. I don`t remember exactly how it happened, but one day as I was taking it off, the clasp completely broke. I was about to toss it in the trash but decided to hold on to it. I am so glad I did because when bored, I tend to get creative.

I had my husband use pliers to break up the necklace into two pieces so that way i could make two different necklaces. then I got to work by painting them with different shades of nail polish. Once I let the first coat of polish dry for a few minutes, I applied another coat.

I had so much fun painting my new bracelets that I decided to go through my stash of jewelry to see what else I could revamp. I decided to go with my favorite pair of anchor earrings. I decided to paint it mint green!

The cool thing is about this technique is that if you decide someday you want to paint it a different color all you have to do is clean it with nail polish remover and start all over.

This is also a great way to use that nail polish color you absolutely love but hate how it looks on your nails.

You can try this technique on all sorts of jewelry. Get creative and let me know if you decide to try this!!!

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