DIY Rainbow Cut - Off Shorts.

` Ello girlies! So I decided to sneak in another tip before I went to bed (; 2nd tip of today is rainbow cut off shorts! These are so pretty &+ I`m definately going to try this out sooon! 8)

+What You Need;
- Old pair of jeans
- Sharpie marker
- Scissors
- Tweezers
- Bleach
- Tie Dye Kit
- Plastic Bags

Now onto this fun DIY!

O1.) JEANS! Wear the old pair of jeans! While wearing them, measure to the length that you want your shorts to be. Make a small yet noticeable mark using the sharpie of the desired length for your shorts.

O2.) CUTTiNG TiME! So after marking the lengths, take the jeans off & just cut straight across.

O3.) CHECK iT OUT! Re-try them on to see if you like the length & how it looks on you. If you want the front to be shorter than the back, re-mark & re-cut.

O4.) FRAYiNG! So now you have like a straight & finely cut line, well now it`s time for fraying. (Look at the photo above & notice at the bottom how some pieces are sticking out, this is what you`re going to do) Use tweezers & rip & pick at the bottom of the shorts.

O5.) SLiTS! This is optional but you could add some slits to the shorts! Now don`t just cut random slits, remember about those pockets! You don`t wanna put like some coins in your pockets & have all of them fall out do you?! Pinch where you want the slit to be & make an incision. Then cut one line across & fray as much as you want.

O6.) BLEACH! Take a spray bottle & fill it with bleach. Spray your shorts completely with the bleach. You can also try getting a big pot full of bleach & soaking the shorts in there. Make sure to use gloves! Now leave the shorts out to dry & when it`s finished bleaching, it should be almost completely white.

O7.) OPTiONAL - After the shorts are bleached, you can soak them in "Soda Ash Dye Fixer" mixed with water. It`ll prevent the colors from bleeding & it helps it last longer. Soak it in for 5 minutes & rinse. Remember, this is optional!

O8.) DRYiNG TiME! Let the shorts sit & wait for them to dry at least 8O% or so.

O9.) TiE DYE! Find a tie dying kit at only local craft // art store. Lay out a large plastic garbage bag & lay down your shorts. Now time to color the shorts! Follow the tie dying instructions & tie dye the shorts! Try to make them look like a rainbow since these are going to be rainbow shorts. xD

- Don`t forget to tie dye the back also!
- Be careful when lifting the shorts, there`ll probably be lots of dye leaking & you don`t want to smudge it.
- The front will basically have bled through to the back so just go over the colors.

1O.) Let the shorts sit for about 1 day to dry. After it`s completely dry, throw it in the dryer! It`ll make the shorts fluffier & the colors will be more brighter & vibrant.

& There You Have It! Rainbow Cut - Off Shorts!

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