DiY PurplE OMbRe CAkee

Hey!! Heres a recipe on how to make purple ombre cake!

Ingredients (Serves 16)
Double batch of White Cupcakes, baked into 9-inch layers
Food coloring of your choice
1 batch fruit passion filling
Double batch White Chocolate Buttercream
For the Cake
I recommend making the cake twice instead of doubling the recipe. While you`re measuring out the ingredients for the cake, just measure out enough for the second batch at the same time so it`s easier the second time around.
The first time through, leave one layer white. Add a few drops food coloring to the second layer prior to baking (I used 5 drops in my lightest layer).
When making the third and fourth layers, add a bit more food coloring to each layer such that you`ll have gradually darker layers (I used 9 and 18 drops for my darker layers).
Allow all layers to cool completely.
To Assemble the Cake
Once all of the cake layers have cooled, level each of the layers except the white layer.
Place a small amount of frosting on a cake board to stabilize the cake. Center the darkest layer on the cake board. Pipe a small ring around the edge of the cake layer. This will ensure the filling doesn`t spill out between the layers.
Spoon a heaping 1/3 cup filling into center of cake and spread to the edges.
Stack the next lighter cake on top and continue the process until all layers are stacked and the white layer is on top.
Frost the cake with a crumb coat and chill in the fridge for at least an hour.
To Decorate the Cake
Place ~3/4 cup of frosting into two separate bowls (you`ll have three bowls of frosting at this point, two with 3/4 cup, and one with the rest, which will be more than 3/4 cup).
The bowl with the most frosting will be your lightest color. Add food coloring to that bowl first until the desired color is reached. Color the other two bowls of frosting such that you have three shades of frosting.
Alternatively, leave all of the frosting one color.
Place the cake on a rotating cake stand. Starting at the bottom, pipe a row of roses along the cake using the darkest frosting color. You`re going to pipe three rows of roses, so make sure they cover about 1/3 the height of the cake.
Continue with a second row of roses in the next lighter shade of frosting. Place the roses directly above the bottom layer.
Finish with one last row of roses in the lightest color. Next, decorate the top of the cake by piping a rose in the center of the top of the cake. Work your way around from there piping three circles of roses on the top of the cake.
If there are any large spaces between roses, you can pipe small stars into them to fill the space.\

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