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It took me years to stop biting my nails; now that I finally have them I love giving myself a manicure. After a few months of YouTube videos, Pintrest pins, and countless Google searches I think I finally found a way to give myself the perfect manicure at home! Its simple, inexpensive, and fun. I hope you guys find it helpful and like it!

First before anything take off any old nail polish if you have any. Soak your nails in warm water for 3 minutes before drying them off and running a cotton ball or q-tip with remover over them; using nail polish remover before you paint your nails helps make the nail polish last longer by removing any dirt and oil.

Once my nails have dried, I use and orange stick to push the cuticle back as well as an nail file to shape them if they need it. After all the prep work is done I brush on a first coat of clear. Putting a clear coat on first will keep any polish from staining your nail. I also recommend a coat of white polish as well if you are using a bright or neon color for your manicure.

When the top clear and white coat has dried I apply my final nail color. I like to do multiple think coats instead of one thick coat because it makes the finish smoother looking. If you want to add design or an accent nail I highly recommend the Kiss Design Perfections, theyre inexpensive and have four different patterns. I use them all the time for chevron nail patterns or an elegant French tip.

Let me know what you guys think of my technique. Comment if you have any tips and tricks yourself or if you find this helpful!

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