DIY Party Centerpieces !

4 years ago

Do you work well under pressure? I sometimes do. Which is why the centerpieces I came up with for my sister`s grad party were not a complete fail.

My sister texted me while I was making dinner on Friday (the day before her party) "Sis! Can you make some centerpieces for me?" I was like are you kidding me? There were only a few hours left before all the stores closes for the day so I had no choice but to go to the dollar store to see what I could find. My sister is a bossy diva so if she doesn`t get her jp.

Just as I was about to give up and text back my sister letting her know I couldn`t find anything, I saw several long stemmed gladiolus. Gladiolus have always been a favorite of mine due to the fact they are so long and elegant. I also found several tall clear vases. I purchased 6 of each and headed home, crossing my fingers that it would look ok.

Once I was home I decided to add water and silver glitter inside the vases. I also had quite a few circle mirrors left that I use to make my sunburst mirrors with.

Then I went in my cupboard, grabbed 4 of my square clear bowls, added water, cut up some lemons and added some rose petals from my front yard. At the party I went ahead and added a few tea-lights to each one and they looked beautiful when lit.

Last but not least I used two of my apothecary jars, filled them up half way with water, added a few lemon slices and one single rose.

After I was done coming up with ideas for her party, I texted her a picture of the outcome and she was beyond impressed. She texted me back saying "sister you definitely need to start your own business!"

The first party I ever decorated for my sister was when she was about 8 years old (I was 11), then again for her 15th birthday, as well as for her High School graduation, and now for her college graduation. But not once has she ever done the same for me. LOL. When I started planning my wedding 5 years ago and needed help with the decorations I was making for my centerpieces, she didn`t even help me then! HAHA. It`s okay though, i`ve never been one to do things for other expecting something in return. =)

The next party I am decorating for is my sister Lizette`s 15th birthday which will also be held at my parents house. I am thinking of doing a cute elegant beach theme with sand, shells and stuff. I will post pics in a few weeks!

Picture #1 : The centerpieces the day before the party
Picture #2: A picture of my sister Jessica, my best friend Lilly (yes same name as mine) and I at my sister`s party =) ... btw I am aware of how pale I am...can you believe I am 100% Mexican and speak spanglish (when not in a professional environment of course lol)

Do you work well under pressure? Have you ever had to decorate a party last minute????

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