D.I.Y Orange Candle!

4 years ago

This is a really neat thing to do! You can make a candle out of a orange! Seriously, your home will smell so good and it is adorable!

What you need:
A orange
Olive Oil or vegetable oil

Take you knife and cut around the orange, but just enough to cut the skin, once you have done that, gently pull the skin of away from the actual orange, be careful not to rip the skin.

once it is all loosened, remove the skin, leaving that white stem intact, that is going to be our wick. Fill the skin bowl from the orange with your oil (olive or vegetable) and coat the "wick" also.

Take your lighter light the wick, so it catches a flame! and you just created your own yummy smelling orange candle! You home will be filled with this fresh orange scent for hours! I think this would be really cute as a centerpiece at a dinner or at a table lined up!


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