DIY: Ombre Dye Denim!

4 years ago

There are 2 types of ombre dyeing denim; the original bleach way or with coloured dye.
Today I will show you the coloured dye way.
You will need:
- Dye (Dylon)
- Salt
- Shorts or other denim
- Bucket
- Boiled and cold water
- Stick to mix the dye
- Old clothes to wear, it`s to protect you from the dye
- Gloves!

1. Fill the bucket with lukewarm water about 1/5.
2. Boil some water and put it in the bucket about 2/5
3. Wait 1 minute till the water is a little bit cooled down (but still hot). Then put your shorts half in it to make it wet.
4. Put the dye in the water and add a bit salt in it. Mix the dye and the salt with a stick for about 10 seconds
5. Now take your shorts and put it half in the dye. Hold it for about 30 seconds and then lift the shorts about
8 centimeters up to get an ombre effect. Leave it for 30 seconds and repeat this till you reached the bottom.
6. Now let the bottom part sit in the dye for about 15-20 minutes
7. Take your shorts out of the bucket and place it somewhere and let it dry for 5 minutes. Then fill your
bucket with cold water. Put your shorts in de bucket and wash it.
8. Let it dry and you`re done! You can add some studs or whatever if you want!
(If you want to know how to add studs, go to my page- I have a tutorial!)
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