DIY: Nail Stickers!!!

4 years ago

I found these on pinterest and thought they were the greatest DIY ever and HADDDDDD to share this! I never thought of this and it`s something I`m going to try one day.

^Words from the pictures (if you can`t see)
1. Tape down both, your design you want to trace and a plastic zip lock bag over it... this will help prevent it from sliding around once you begin tracing

2. Paint several "blobs" with clear polish on top of the bag... make sure they`re pretty thick coats, as these are going to be the base of the "sticker" thats going to be peeled off

3. Trace over your design with either nail polish or acrylic pain. using a very fine paint brush

4. Remove the "sticker" very carefully as it is prone to stretching and tearing... (works best with a tweezer or very careful hands)

5. Apply to desired nail and press down to smooth it out

6. Apply a top coat to seal everything in!

<strong>Hope you find this DIY useful!</strong>

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