DIY Nail Polish Rack!

5 years ago

I finally got around to making my own nail polish rack. I was getting close to 60 polishes when I made this and my original storage wasn`t big enough (I was using a tray-like thing from the office store) I actually got the idea from Holly Ann on Luuux, which I`m sure a lot of you are familiar with! But it originally came from a youtube guru so you can watch how to make it here:

Here is what you need:
3 foam boards
Glue gun and about 10 glue sticks
Duct tape of your choice
Exacto Knife or box cutter (I used a scrap booking tool)

1st foam board: Draw a horizontal line every 5 inches, this is your back board
2nd foam board: Cut 7 TWO inch strips horizontal (these will be your shelves & then cut 7 ONE inch strips horizontal (these will prevent your polish from sliding off the shelves)
3rd foam board: Cut 2 TWO 1/2 inch strips ( these will be for the sides of your rack )

-Take the 2 inch strips and glue them to the lines we drew on the first foam board. Don`t forget to glue them to the top and bottom.
-Take your 2 1/2 inch strips and glue them to the side of your rack.
-Take your 1 inch strips and glue them to your shelves to keep your polish from sliding out!
-Secure your board to a wall and fill it! :D

^^^^^^ Taken from her youtube video.

However I didn`t want to mount it since it`s not my house (I live in an apartment) so I just left it on my floor for now until I get a bookshelf or something. It`s quite nice, but I couldn`t find black duct tape so I had to settle for this funky design. I`ve never been a fan or animal print (I think it looks tacky in my opinion) unless it was pretty subtle in outfits. So Yeah, it took me about 2 hours (I have ADD, can`t concentrate for the life of me)

Here`s how much I paid:
Glue Gun set - $5.99 USD
Foam Boards - $2.89 a piece = $8.67
Tape - $2.97
Glue Sticks - $2.97

I already had the rest of the supplies so it only ended up costing me about $20. I don`t have too many polishes so this is just perfect for me since I still have one whole row for me to add onto.

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