DIY Nail Polish Rack

5 years ago

I wasn`t sure whether to put this under health & beauty or design because I feel like it would fit into either, so I hope this is okay! Anyway, I saw a video (linked in the source link area) on how to make your own nail polish rack months ago. I <em>finally</em> got around to making one. I wanted to make it with black boards, but they were $5.99 each whereas the white boards were $1.50 each, and when I`m making three racks (nine boards total), I decided I could deal with the white. This is just the first rack. It doesn`t hold all of my polishes, so I plan to make two more. I already have the supplies, I just have to do it!

I`m not going to go over all of the supplies you need and how to do it because that`s all in the video and I`m sure you`ve heard all about this from other members already. I will say that cutting the strips did not go very well for me at first. I actually had to end up redoing them, so I`m glad that I had purchased an extra board. So there`s a tip. Another tip would to be to use a full size glue gun. I bought the mini size and it is such a pain! I have to try to put in a new stick halfway through putting glue on a strip while trying to hurry before the glued part already dries.

In this rack, I decided to put Butter London, OPI, Zoya, and Essie polishes. Like I said, it`s only about a third of my collection. I counted and I fit 110 nail polishes in this, but that includes a few mini sizes and I turned the Butter London polishes sideways.

Also, the rack isn`t crooked, it`s just the angle the picture was taken. I`m not going to hang it up because I`m renting and I don`t want to put holes in the walls just to have to fill them back in when I move out.

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