DIY Missoni Sneakers!

Heres a fun idea on how to get some cute Missoni Sneakers!

What you will need:
1° Any white canvs sneakers perferably Keds would be a nice idea.
2° Stiff paper
3° Ruler
6°Fabric markers in various colors (ones with both a thick and thin tip are best)

What 2 do:
Step 1:
Using the ruler, draw a straight line near the edge of the paper.
Step 2:
Draw a second line a half-inch down from the first one. Use the ruler to make tick marks at every half-inch interval on both lines.
Step 3:
Next, create a zig-zag pattern inside the two parallel lines by connecting every other tic. For example, start at the bottom left-hand corner of the lower line, and connect to the second tic mark on the upper line. Connect the second tic-mark on the upper line to the third tic mark on the lower line, and so on.
Step 4:
Now that you`ve just created all of those triangles, cut away the lower row of them. You should be left with what looks like a row of teeth at the bottom of the paper.
Step 5:
Take out your plain canvas shoes and remove the laces.
Step 6:
Position the template onto the toe of the sneaker. You`ll be working your way from the front to the back of the shoe. Position the template wherever you like it best.
Step 7:
Move the template back and trace another row of triangles, making sure all of the points more or less match up with the previous rows. To get a true Missoni look, vary the spacing of the template.
Step 8:
Time to color! Make sure that each row is a different color. Leave it to dry a bit.
Step 9:
Lace up your new shoes and your done!

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