DIY Mini Emergency Kit !

5 years ago

How many times have you worn heels all night only to get a horrible blister and did not have a band-aid to cover up your boo boo? If your a girly girl then I am sure the answer must be "pretty often". Or how many times have you had a massive headache at school and forgot to bring your Tylenol?

We carry our purses or bags everywhere, so why not carry a little emergency kit as well? It takes as much space as your cell phone and can be pretty useful when you least expect it.

I was at Daiso Japan yesterday and spotted a cute little pink and white pill case with different sized compartments. In the 3 little compartments I added my medications as well as some Aspirin. In the longer compartment I inserted a bunch of q-tips because you just never know when you might need them to remove or apply makeup or for the obvious reason, clean your ears. You can even insert a mini tweezer here or anything else it might fit. In the two larger compartments up top I inserted an alcohol wipe and a bandaid but you can insert makeup remover wipes, an emergency pair of earrings, folded up money etc. In the smaller compartments you can even add some breath mints, vitamins or whatever. Create your kit to fit your needs.

To make my emergency kit look cuter I put a Hello Kitty sticker on top. I love knowing that this will go with me wherever I go because you just never know when it might come in handy.

I probably shouldn`t have titled this a "DIY" but I was trying to figure out how to shorten the title. lol.

Do you have a mini emergency kit? What`s in it?

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