DIY Metal chain bracelet

5 years ago

Today i woke up at 5:30 am just to go to work but then felt worse since I caught a cold. I thought I could go on with a regular eight hour shift but my chef wanted me to go home because I wasn`t in great shape. So I came home and took a power nap and woke up but didn`t feel like going out so what do I do? DIY!

I love to make stuff but I`ve been too busy working everyday, I don`t ever have the chance. I actually got super inspired after watching a youtube video where this girl was showing how you can make something that you could find in forever 21 with just a few things. Heres the link:

She explains it perfectly and has a seperate video to show you how to do the square knot. I was struggling to understand how to finish th ebracelet becaues the way she showed it in the other video was with separate straps. It was quite annoying since I couldn`t get it but I finally nailed it :D. I`m gald that I perfected a new skill. But instead of just leaving it plain, I took some pearls from an old forever 21 necklace that I never wear and sewed them on which gave a nice femine touch. Oh, I forgot to mention that I used some neutral beige suede leather, but I didn`t have that much choice where I went shopping for these material. I plan to make more of these since I love love love these type of bracelet. My next project is to make a Chan luu bracelet with beige leather strap and some purple glass beads. I just have to wait until my beads come in the mail and I`d be good to go :D. So excited!

What do you think about my bracelet? Would you make your own?

*All pictures are mine*

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