DIY: Melted Crayon Canvas Decoration!

4 years ago

White Walls? Want to add color? Heres how!

Materials needed:
1. Box of 120+ crayons
2. Large white canvas
3. Hair dryer
4. Glue gun+Glue gun sticks OR Gorilla Glue (preferably)

Step 1: Empty Crayon box and separate colors into 7 sections (reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, indigos, and violets)
Step 2: Begin to lay out colors from lightest to darkest (ex: dark red, red, light red) do this for each section of colors.
Step 3: WITHOUT applying glue, lay each crayon down on the top of the canvas in rainbow order (ROYGBIV) (as seen in the photo) avoid using dark colors like, brown, or black, as these will just take over other colors and make them look like poop. Perfect the spacing of the crayons, space the colors out so they fit centered on the canvas
Step 4: Pick up each crayon 1 by 1 and glue each down right beside another.
Step 5: Bring your canvas to a slant
Step 6: Take your hairdryer and ONLY apply heat to one color at a time (Ex: Reds, then oranges, then yellow, etc) Apply heat only to the tips of the crayons and point the hair dryer downwards facing the ground, so that the wax naturally drips downwards instead of splattering everywhere.
Step 7: Repeat step 6 with each color, until you can no longer see the tips of any crayons, they should be nubs... haha nubs.
Step 8: Examine the canvas to see if their are any clumps of wax, thats okay, just use your hair dryer to melt it.
Step 9: Let it dry! good thing is, it takes wax only about 30 seconds to a minute to completely dry after the heat is taken off, but id wait a good 10 minutes to touch it.
Step 10: Hang it up!

I hope you guys have fun doing this! i know i did!

1.) Have you guys ever seen this done before? if so, where?
2.) Do you think you`d prefer this done on a black canvas?
3.) Do you like this with the crayons on it? or do you think it`d look better if the crayons were taken off once the project was complete?


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