DIY McQueen inspired dip bleach T

4 years ago

Dip dying has been a pretty big `trend` for a while now, I decided to dip bleach a T shirt inspired by a McQ by Alexander McQueen shirt I seen on yoox for $155 and it`s easy to make your own version!

All you need is a bucket, some regular chlorine bleach (should say sodium hypochlorite on it), a T shirt, rubber gloves, an old spoon and water. Put your gloves on and add half water half bleach to your bucket, it doesn`t need to be deep just a few inches so you can submerge half your T. Drape the shirt over the edge of the bucket so the top is in the bleach (put it as far in and you want it bleached) and the bottom is hanging over the edge of the bucket out of the bleach (see pic #2). Continuously stir the T around very gently with your spoon so it bleaches evenly and scoop up some of the bleach to spread it up where ever you want so your bleached line isn`t all straight. After ~10 minutes or until it`s bleached enough for your liking (don`t leave it too long or the bleach can eat through your fabric) rinse your T out with cold water, throw in your washers rinse cycle by itself, dry and you`re done!
Note: use a 100% cotton T as bleach doesn`t work on synthetic fabrics. If your T is a dark color it`s hard to know what color it`ll bleach out to because it depends on what kind of dye they used.

Over all I liked the result, lemmi know if you try or if you`d like more DIY ideas!

first 2 pics are my own, last is from yoox (

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