DIY: Making Your own Lipstick

3 years ago

(Pictures Are mine)
These are the steps that I did to make my own moisturizing lipsticks.

1. I placed about one teaspoon of lipstick base (You can use a lipstick base or use soy wax, sunflower wax, or any other kind of wax and you can add shea butter.)

2. Then I put some Coconut Oil about half a teaspoon. Reason why because I really want it to be moisturizing on my lips. ( And/Or You can add oils like Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, any oil that`s good for the skin and it`s natural.) Sometimes when I want something more moisturizing I add Sweet Almond Oil just a couple of drops since I put Coconut Oil.

Since I don`t have a microwave near me and the wax tends to harden fast. I decided to place a sheet of wax paper underneath my hair straightener. As a heating source.

3. I have a silicone cup that I place my ingredients like Colors. I used two collars and a filler.
-1. 2 pea size scoops of Pluot Purple,
-1 pea size scoop of Shimmer Purple,
- & 1 pea size scoop of Zinc Oxide. << Why Zinc Oxide?. It protects the skin from UV and other damages. And it makes the colors more opaque.

4. Add couple of drops of Vitamin E Oil. So your lipstick can have a one year cycle.

5. Add 2-3 drops of Your Flavor Oils. Into the silicone cup with the colors.
I used two flavoring oils.
1 Drop of Green Tea Oil
1 Drop of Rose Oil (A Dupe of Chanel`s Rose)

6. When I see that the wax and the oil is melted I pour it on to the silicone cup and mix it together. Since I want a more Purple color for my skin type I added some concealer.

7. You may or may not have a mold, if You don`t then place the mixture inside a container, and if You have a mold then pour it in there. Leave it for a couple of minutes on the counter then place it inside the freezer for about 20 minutes.

When You take it our it should look like that.

I hope You enjoyed this, like I enjoyed making my own creations.

Any questions?

.... Just Ask. :D

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