Diy makeup organizer tray

5 years ago

I gave in and decided to try my hand at diy organizers. On Wednesday, Holly texted me asking if I still needed a ride to my dr`s appointment. I have to say I love that girl! I had completely forgotten about my appointment, plus I thought it was Tuesday. I promise I know the days of the week. Monday was a holiday and my hubby was home so that kind of made it feel like Tuesday was the beginning of the week. Anyhow, I asked her to pick me up. After the appointment she asked if I needed to go anywhere else. I asked her to tkae me to the dollar store where she had picked up the foam boards for her own diy projects. While there I picked up 5 boards. Yes, I`m doing a lot. Not because I need them but because they`re a great way to pass time.

Once my hubby got home we went to Target to try and find the colored duct tapes. I couldn`t find any that would go with the boards as they were white. Light bulb! (I just finished watching Despicable Me, great movie by the way). So I went and checked out their contact paper. There I found one that was white with black designs. Gorgeous!

I had picked up the glue gun and glue sticks a few days earlier from Walmart. They were pretty inexpensive. I got the mini gun in pink and the mini sticks. I didn`t get a chance to take pictures prior to completing it. Sorry. I cut 1 piece at 10 1/2 x 12. For my sides I didn`t like how it looked with 4 different pieces connected, yes I had already tried. So instead I used two longer ones and just bent them at the corners. Makes it a bit more sleek. I lined my bottom piece with contact paper. I measured the insides after the edges were already glued on. I had previously cut the inside separately but it didn`t turn out well for me.

After I measured my inside pieces, I cut them and lined them, then glued them in. Once those were in place I cut a long strip off contact paper. I taped it all the way around the tray, then began folding in to cover the inside of the sides. This too helped make it look sleek as you could no longer see seems from where the pieces connect.

This was quite fun to make once I got the hang of it. I even have a few friends requesting me to make some for them. After I master contact paper, I`m going to try my hand at lining with fabric.

Hope you all enjoy this! By the way they are super sturdy.

Images are my own.

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