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2 years ago

Hey Luuuxers,

I recently found this video on YouTube showing you how to make these really cute DIY flowers out of old magazines. I had a bunch of old fashion magazines that I was planning on tossing, so I decided to use them for this instead!

To make the flowers, you will need:
Magazine pages try to pick ones with lots of colours or cool patterns that you like
Wooden skewers
Tape I used masking tape.
Decorative tape or washi tape

I included step-by-step pictures that I took to try and make this simple to follow along.

Start off with the magazine page you are using, and decide which side of the sheet you want to show. This may seem counter-intuitive, but you are going to first fold the paper in half, lengthwise, making sure the side you want shown is on the inside of the fold. Because next, you are going to fold the edges of each sheet back towards the first fold you are basically creating a giant fan fold.

Next, you are going to take you scissors and cut slits along the entire length of the magazine page. Make sure that you are cutting into the side with both folds, and make sure not to cut the entire may into the sheet you have to leave the very edge uncut so you dont just end up with long strips of paper! LOL About a centimeter gap should be enough.

Next, cut yourself a small piece of masking tape and stick the end of a skewer onto the edge of the paper.

Now, start rolling the paper all the way around the top of the skewer creating the flower. Once you are done rolling, use some more tape to secure.

Next, you can use your decorative tape to cover the masking tape, and continue along the length of the skewer to hide it! I decided to use some decorative tape that bought from the dollar store (I hinted about this DIY in that haul a few weeks ago). I also had some black decorative tape that I used to hide just the masking tape to give it a different sort of look.

You can create as many of these as you want and put them in a jar or vase as decor.
Ive made a whole bunch, but not sure what I will be putting them in just yet.

I know that my instructions were probably a little bit difficult to follow, so I also included the YouTube video where I first got the idea from its very short, but it was really easy to follow.
I love how they look, and how you can customize with the colours depending on what magazine page you choose! Im going to continue making these until I have a huge bouquet!


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