DIY Macrame Rhinestone Bracelet!!

Ok so it`s been a while but here it is another amazing DIY Project!! In case you haven`t noticed the trend of neon colors are everywere on the streets and runways this is a very cool idea to try and combine with your favourite outfit for the spring!!

You`ll need:
-3 yards of 0.8mm Chinese knotting cord
-1 large rhinestone button
-1 small rhinestone button
-embroidery needle

First you need to cut one cord into 20`` and another one into 60``, you`re going to fold the short one in half and tape it onto a working surface. Center the long cord under the two middle strands. Fold the right cord over the middle strands and under the left cord (check the pics!!)

Next grab the left cord and put it under the right and middle one and trough the loop on the right side.
Make a tight knot to create a small loop continue to do so....

Repeat the same process left, right,left... and then stop in the middle where you`re going to put the rhinestone in the 2 middle strands and continue to do the same thing!!

For more information check the source link!! and DONE!!

Great DIY looks really nice and is the trend to wear rightnow, So did you like it? Have you done any DIY in accesories or clothing which ones? I`d like to read your reviews so leave me your comments in the section below Xo F&B!!

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