DIY Macha Frap!

4 years ago

In the summer I love going to Starbucks and getting a venti macha frappuccino. However, going to Starbucks every weekend can get a bit expensive; thus, through experimenting with my blender, I have made a concoction that I can say is comparable to Starbucks macha frappuccino. The items you will need are:
1. A blender that can crush ice (I personally recommend the Bland and Decker blender 4 speed blender)
2. A cup
3. A straw
4. A spatula
5. A table spoon
6. A measuring cup
The following ingredients you will need are:
1. 1 cup of vanilla ice-cream
2. ¼ cup of milk
3. 1 table spoon of vanilla extract
4. 1 table spoon of macha powder
5. ¼ cup of sugar
6. ½ cup of ice
The processe of making your DIY macha frappuccino is quite easy: after measuring the milk, sugar, ice, ice-cram, vanilla extract, and macha powder with a measure cup, and (or) table spoon, throw all of your ingredients into your blender. Pack down the ingredients in the blender with a spatula and close the lid on the blender. First, use a low setting speed on the blender for ten second and gradually increase the sped until all the ice is whipped to a silky consistency. After you blended the frappuccino to your liking, serve in a tall glass with a straw. Enjoy =)

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