DIY: Lavender White chocolate macarons

2 years ago

Hello ya`ll!
Today I made more of these awesome macarons! I read the recipe in a recipe book about macarons. I modified it a bit, since the shells in the original recipe doesn`t have any lavender on them. So here it is, how to make your own lavender & white chocolate macarons:
Use the basic macaron shells recipe which it is:

(yields around 16 shells):
- The white of 1 egg (aged is optional)
- 0.63 oz of granulated sugar
- 1/8 tsp of kosher salt
- 1 oz of almond flour
- 2 oz of confectioner`s sugar
- (modification) 1 tsp of grided lavender

For the filling: lavender white chocolate ganache
- 5oz of white chocolate
-3 tbsp of heavy cream
- 1 1/2 tsp of lavender

Steps for the shells:
*days before you start, separate you eggwhites and keep them in the fridge. Be sure they are room temperature before you whip them.* (As I said before, this is not necesary, but I got better macarons if I do all this.)

1.- Sift your almond flour and confectioners` sugar. Then, put them toghether in a food procesor, add your grinded lavender, and process for 15 secons aprox. Kepp it in a side.

2.- Put your salt and egg whites in a bowl and whisk until you get them foamy and white, add the sugar all at once (I know a lot of recipes tell you that add it little by little, but is just too much, nothing happens if you dump it all at once). *optional* When you get semi soft peaks (the peaks are stiff but the very top of the peak falls) add a small drop of food coloring. Stop whiping until you get stiff peaks (the top of the peak don`t falls, or falls a little).

3.- Macaronage! That how this step is called; dump the dry ingredients into the meringue, fold until you get a `lava consistency` batter, overmixed batter look like pancake batter, this is not very good.

4.- Put the batter ina piping bag, pipe small circles on parchment paper/silpat over a cookie tray. *Very important* use only parchment paper or a silpat.

5.- Bang the cookie tray to pop the bubbles, you will see some bubbles that need some help, use a tootpick. (optional: add your whole lavender blossoms on top of the shells) let them dry for 15 mins aproz or better until they are not tacky and they are dry to the touch.

6.- put them in the oven on a temperature of 300 f to 325 F for 12 minutes.

7.- let them out and let them cold.

For the filling:

1.- Put some water to boil in a saucepan, on top of it, put a stainless steel bowl witht he white choclate, this is for melt it.

2.- put to the heat the heavey cream with the lavender, until you see small bubbles, take out of the heat and pour on the melted white chocolate. Whisk until both ingredients incorporated, then dump the mix into a piping bag and let rest int he fridge for 10- 15 mins aprox.

Complete your macaraons:
after your macarons are cold, pipe the white chocolate ganache and sandwich them. Let them `age` overnight for better texture.

That`s it, then you have yummy macarons!
Tell me, do you like macarons? Is is easy to find them around where you live? do you like me to do a post about macaron troubleshooting? or a video for making macarons?

Or if you have any questions, please do; I use to have a lot of toruble making macarons, now I am doing great batches!

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