DiY Lace Phone Case

1. A small piece of lace fabric
2. Spray paint in black and gold
3. Painter`s tape
4. A cell phone case
5. A piece of foam core.
6. Newsprint paper old newspaper works too.

Step 1:

Take two pieces of Newsprint paper and tape them together with painter`s tape. The goal is to have a working surface MUCH larger than the phone case to protect your floor, or table, or desk, or wherever you do your crafty work.

Step 2:

Spray paint your phone case black and let dry completely.
If you bought a black case to begin with, you can skip this step.

Step 3:

Tape off the edges of the case with painter`s tape.

Step 4:

Bring the newsprint paper over the piece of foam core.

Step 5:

Place the phone case on top of the newsprint and foam core. Then lay the lace over the phone case.

Use push pins to pull the lace taught over the phone case. (This is why the whole contraption is over foam core.)

Step 6:

Spray paint over the lace with the gold spray paint.

Step 7:

Remove the lace and let the case dry.

Ta Da!

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