DIY: Jewelry Cleaner

5 years ago

I have a lot of cute sterling silver jewelry, and most of it is pretty high quality. I really love it, and a lot of my go-to pieces are made out of this precious metal. It never ever causes the dreaded "green finger" effect, and because it`s basically pure, there isn`t any plating to wear off and reveal a cheap, ugly metal underneath--both embarrassing headaches that only come with wearing inexpensive costume jewelry. The only thing sterling silver isnt completely safe from are the inevitable effects of repeated wear, causing it to slowly tarnish and look dull.

This is exactly what happened to two of my favorite rings (pictured: a Tiffany & Co. ring and a Coach ring). For the past year, I`ve worn them almost everyday, washed my hands with them on, and little by little, bit by bit, splotchy black tarnish snuck up on me. Not cute.

With the help of Google, I was able to skip the toxic silver cleaner, and turn to my kitchen to get the job done. By following the instructions on a website (sourced below), I mixed 4 cups of water, 1 tbsp of baking soda and 1 tsp of salt, making an easy and safe mixture that actually works! While I waited for it all to come to a boil, I lined an empty glass bowl with tin foil. I then put my jewelry on top of the foil. Once the mixture was boiling, I poured it over my rings. I let it sit for five minutes, and then washed my jewelry with warm, soapy water. The end result? Good as new! :)

Honestly, why would you shell out the cash, and jeopardize your health (and those around you) to use poison to clean your silver when you can easily and quickly do it yourself with the cheap ingredients in your cupboards? I know what Ill be doing from now on.

(***pictures are my own).

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