DIY: Jeremy Scott inspired Telephone Sweater

If i was filthy rich, or a Kpop Idol, I would own most of the things that American Designer, Jeremy Scott, creates. I fell in love with this Telephone Sweater when I first saw it on a Kpop singer, and I had wanted it ever since. So I decided to make my own! Here I will tell you how to create your own Jeremy Scott inspired Telephone Sweater.

What you will need:
1. a long sleeved sweater or t-shirt, solid black
2. a yard of bright yellow fabric
3. fabric scissors
4. needle and thread (or iron-on paper)
5. sharpie and number/letter stencils (or iron-on letters and numbers)
6. sewing ruler and mat

When I decided to create the shirt, I went online to see if anyone else had done it before me, and I found this video, which is very helpful.
I did things a little differently than she did, instead of sewing the fabric onto the shirt, I ironed them on. So here is how you would iron on the squares and letters:
What you will need:
1. iron
2. ironing board
3. iron-on paper
4. iron-on letters and numbers
5. sharpie
6. Your 12 yellow squares

What to do:
First thing I want to say is that once you cut out the squares, I rounded the edge to look more like the real telephone sweater, instead of leaving the corners.
1. Lay out your squares, one at a time, onto the ironing boar
2. Following the directions on the back of the iron-on packaging, start to iron on the letter on the lower center of the square. Repeat for the 10 squares that have numbers on them.
3. Again, following the directions on the back of the iron-on packaging, place the numbers on the top center of the square (START ON #2!) and iron them on. **This will be done on letters 2-9****I would advise you to separate the numbers into threes (ABC, DEF, GHI, etc.) beforehand so that all you have to do is pick them up and iron them on**
4. For the asterix and the # sign: I could not find anywhere that sold iron-ons for these, so I drew the asterix with a sharpie as good as I could, and made the # out of spare numbers that I cut up and shaped.
5. When you are done ironing on all of the numbers and letters onto the squares, take the iron-on paper and cute them into squares the same size as your yellow fabric.
6. Following the directions on the paper that comes with the iron-on paper, Iron the paper onto the back of each square.
7. You will have to cut the excess paper off from around the yellow fabric.
8. Place your black shirt onto the ironing board.
9. start positioning your yellow squares, face up, onto the shirt **Make sure that they are equally spaced and straight**
10. Following the directions, iron the yellow squares onto the black shirt.

I hope you found this helpful and it wasn`t too confusing. I tried to make it as clear as possible. And I also hope that you like this DIY because this is now one of my favorite shirts! ^-^v

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