DIY: Instagram Photobooth!

A fun way to spice up any event or party is having a photobooth with fun cut outs and props! And recently,with the rise of Instagram and what not, having an Instagram cutout as a photobooth is a great way to liven up the mood. I made one for my Camp Kesem promotional event and a friend`s birthday and both had a great response from my friends and made the party a lot more fun. It`s a really easy DIY to do with a little bit of time and effort and has a great result so give it a try if you guys have the time. Add in a couple of mustache or hat props to make it even more fun. Below are a couple of hints and tips to help you along.

-Font wise I used `Billabong` which I believe is the Instagram font or looks super similar to it. No one can really tell the difference, haha!
-Cut out the pieces first, like the blue strips at the top and the like and comment buttons, and lay them out before gluing.
-Cardboard is sturdier to use then poster board but I did use poster board for the Camp Kesem gram and it worked fine. People just have to support it a little more.
-MAKE PROPS. They`re easy and make it 110% more fun!
-Don`t be afraid to experiment and change it up! It doesn`t have to be exactly like Instagram. Change it up according to your event or party for more personalization.

Other than that, if you have any questions, let me know! I`d be happy to help and HAVE FUN! :)

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