DIY: Iced Caramel Macchiato (My take on Starbucks!)

5 years ago

This has been my go to drink the last two nights in a row! It`s delicious -- a homemade Iced Caramel Macchiato! In case you don`t know what this is -- it`s a popular drink sold at Starbucks in either iced or hot form. It`s a mixture of caramel, sugar syrup, espresso and milk and if you`re having it cold -- ice! I have been trying to get some more dairy in outside of my yogurt and since I`m not a fan of milk, this is one way for me to get it in and not even `realize` it. I made one for my boyfriend and he really liked it and he hasn`t has a caramel macchiato before.

How do I make mine? I put the following in a glass:

- Torani sugar free vanilla syrup
- 2/3 cup skim milk
- 5-6 ice cubes
- ~1/3-1/2 cup hot coffee. I`ve been using the Nescafe dissolvable packs & not making a full cup this way the coffee is stronger than it would naturally be if you added the 8 oz of water.
- Teaspoon of Light Marzetti caramel dip

If you wanted to get snazzy, you could put the caramel in a squeeze bottle and make it fancy like the squeeze bottles at Starbucks, but since this is just for me at home, I put the caramel sauce on top and when I go to drink it, I poke around at the caramel with a straw and it breaks up and you get yummy caramelness in each sip.

The best part - aside from the taste and the ease of making? The cost! I could make 7 of these (that`s how many packs of coffee come in a box) for under $4.00 [price includes the half-gallon of skim, box of coffee and a portion of the cost of caramel & syrup]. Not bad since 7 of these at Starbucks would put me on a Starbucks ban for a while. When bored I can switch it up with a caramel or mocha frappucino which I have made in the past.

Do you make your own version of Starbucks drinks at home?
What is your favorite beverage to get at Starbucks?

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