DIY High Waisted Vintage Shorts

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High-waisted mini-shorts have flooded the runways, infiltrating collections of even the most sophisticated designers like Louis Vuitton and Jason Wu. Stars like Beyonce and Rihanna embraced this effortless, sexy trend in 2011 with no-holds barred. Vintage has never looked so good! I am absolutely in love with taking modern twists on an old fit. This Do It Yourself project is sure to boost your Spring/Summer 2012 wardrobe with minimal effort.

What you will need:

- 1 pencil
- 1 pair of scissors. Preferably fabric/hair scissors
- 1 ruler
- 1 pair of vintage denim jeans

Before I get started, I would like to provide some parameters when it comes to selecting the perfect denim for this project.

Although you may have jeans at home you dont particularly wear, I encourage you to venture out to your local thrift store. My shop of choice is Goodwill as they normally have a wide selection and the cost is ridiculously low. As lame as it may sound, you are searching for the typical mom jean. Nothing screams vintage more. The waist is high, the craftsmanship is exquisite, and the detailing is perfection. I have found that Levis, Guess, and Calvin Klein brand work best, as you want the material to fray to create the ideal vintage effect. Now, lets get started!

1. Decide what length of shorts you desire. Simple. Try them on!

Short shorts have a hemline of 2-3 inches. Take into consideration where you will wear them and with what type of shoe to avoid a cheek show!

2. Grab a pencil. Just one mark!

Measure using your own judgment for length, remembering that you can always take away length but adding is impossible. Using your pencil, place a mark on one pant leg as a frame of reference for cutting.

3. Lay your jeans on a flat surface. Grab your pencil and a ruler.

Take your ruler and draw a light pencil line straight across the pant leg marked in step 2. This will help guide you in your cutting. Plus, pencil comes out in the washing machine in case you dont cut exactly on the line.

4. Grab your scissors. One cut to start.

Cut straight across following the guide line made in step 3. Make sure not to cut the pocket underneath as it will add to the vintage appeal. Fold the leg you have just cut, on top of the other. Use the already cut pant leg as your guide to cut straight across on the second pant leg. This will ensure that both legs are even. At this point you can try on the shorts to ensure they are the proper length or simply eyeball it.

5. Scissors are now your best friend. Lets distress!

There are two options for this step. If you prefer just a frayed hem, your work is done! Simply wash and dry the shorts, turning them inside out and voila! The washer and dryer does all of the work. If you are interested in the distressed or frayed effect over the surface of the denim, its just as simple.

Locate the area in which you want to be distressed. Using your scissors, cut slits into the denim horizontally about three quarters of an inch in height and as wide as you prefer. Make several slits above and below one another for best results. If the slits are too small, once washed and dried there will just be a hole in its place which is ok if small but not for true distressed appeal. Spacing is key! Make slits wherever your fashionable heart desires.

6. Lastly, Turn inside out, wash and dry. The slits will fray automatically!

I hope you all find success using this DIY. I have provided a few examples as a guide in getting your creative juices flowing.

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