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<strong> Things you`ll need </strong>:
-any type of <strong>cord</strong> you would like to use (in the pictures, i used some braiding cord I bought at Wal mart); suede leather, braiding cord, butcher`s twine, ribbon will all do but it just depends on your taste.
-<strong>Clipboard</strong> to hold while braiding; taping onto table, safety pin on something will all do. You just need something to hold it in place
-<strong>Scissors</strong> to trim
-<strong>Hex nuts</strong> (as many as you want; gold or sliver). You can find these in your local hardware store. I got mine at my local local Lowes. My sliver ones are sized 6-32 and my gold ones are size 6-32 and 4-40. It honestly doesn`t matter what type or nuts or shape it is, this is a DIY project :).
-<strong>Tacky glue</strong>
-<strong>Lighter</strong> if your using braiding twine to finish the ends so it doesn`t fray.
<strong>Estimate time to finish this project</strong>: 1 hour

1) Cut your cord to the desired length. Estimate by wrapping around your wrist about four to five times for just a regular single one braid with enough extra to trim and DIY. You should have three strands for this project. If your using braiding cord or or anything that might fray that contains a little bit of plastic, use a lighter to burn the ends a little bit to seal it.

2) Tie all three strands with a regular shoe knot. Leave about 4 inches for later on. Clip the strands on the clipboard or have it hold onto something.

3) Start braiding by holding the three strands, left hand holding one strand and your right hand holding two. On your right hand, you should be holding the furthest right strand by your pinky and fourth finger while holding the middle strand with your second finger and your thumb. I didn`t do this in the picture because I wanted to show you how the strands should look once starting to braid.

First move, pull the furthest right strand to the middle crossing over the middle strand. This move should have the middle strand to the right and the furthest right strand from before in the middle. This would create a cross over.

Second move, pull the furthest left strand to the middle crossing over the middle strand. This will have the furthest left strand before moved to the middle and the middle strand from before moved onto the furthest left. All of these moves will create a traditional braiding. Continue this move until you get to the desired length.

3)To create the hex nut illusion (its not as hard as it looks), continue braiding but add a hex nut to the furthest strands every time you cross over each strand. Just keep doing it and doing it :D. Its quite fun actually!

*If your hex nut holes are a little bit difficult to pull through, take something thin but strong like fishing thread and make a loop then put it through the hex nut hole. Thread your cord through the hoop and pull! This should help :)*

4) To stop the braiding process, just do a regular knot.

5) By the time you get to your desired length, you have lots of options to finish it off but for this tutorial, I will be doing a square knot. This method will let you adjust to your wear. Clip your bracelet under the clipboard to hold it in place. To start the square knot, take all your strands and hold then by a pin or just tie then in place so its easier to work with. Theres six strands you have to manage with >_<.

Take another piece of cord (about 30 cm) and place it under all the strands from the braid. Take your right strand and make a loop. The loop should overlap all the other strands like a sideways "U". Take your left strand and overlap your strand strand and then pull it over to the right under all the braid strands then loop it through. Pull and tighten but not too tight or it won`t look nice. Do this for about five to six times and then regular knot it twice. Trim and glue down the ends so they don`t break free later on.

6) For the free strands, you can thread through another nut to weight it down and then knot it or just knot it like regular. This is all your taste! Do as you please!

And then you should be done! If my pictures and description doesn`t really help you, you can use these videos as a reference.

<strong>Hex nut bracelet blog:</strong>

<strong> Braided Hex nut Bracelet video</strong>:

<strong>Square knot tutorial </strong>:;v=3sM2i2_Jnps&amp;feature=iv&amp;annotation_id=annotation_518366

To make it completely your own, you can:
-spray paint your hex nuts
-dye your own colors for cords
-add chains to your bracelet
-add different beads
-use blend textures like leather and ribbon

I hope you try this out yourself! Its really fun actually and I just went crazy making more and more. This design was insipred by Philip Crangis Giles & Brother Hex Collection which I honestly never heard of but I have seen this type of bracelet in forever 21 but missed the chance to buy it but then seen tutorials so I made my own! This hex nut bracelet goes for $250 a bracelet! This nuts!!!! Unless the nuts are compelte solid gold or something, $250 is not anything I would pay for for something I could make am I right? But if you want to check out the original designs check here:

<strong>Gold on Navy hex nut bracelet $185 </strong>:

<strong>Hematite Rings on Leather with rings $195</strong>:

<strong> Antique Grey Leather/Brass $250 </strong>:

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