DIY healthy nails amp cuticles!

4 years ago

So, I am going to share my dirty little secrets on getting ealthy and beautiful nails and cuticles!

First off, file them babies down! Even if they`re short, you want to make sure they aren`t bumpy or un even.

Next, clean them off with some nail polish remover! You are going to want to leave the nail polishes off for the month to two months that you are doing this for full effect.

Now that your nails have somewhat improved on appearance, you are going to want to gather up Vaseline, cotton Schwab`s, nail polish remover(more), cuticle pusher(or something of the sort), lemons or lemon juice, mini brush(bushy kind, not the one with plastic bristles), and a moist towel.

Mix the Vaseline with the nail polish remover(just 2 drops) and lemon juice(just 3 drops). Use the cotton schwabs to mix. Take the brush and dip it in and massage each finger with the product. Make sure to also get up there on the cuticles. Use your cuticle pusher backer to push back the cuticles while product is still there and massage again. Do this everynight for 2 months for full, amazing effects! Good luck luuuxers!

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