DiY Headboard(:

you can make this project with less than $20!(:


-Cardboard box
-1.5 yards of fabric
-1.5 yards of batting
-Button covering kit (6 buttons)
-Command Hooks


First take a storage box and measure the width of your bed and determine how high you want it. Then cut it out in whatever shape you want. I chose to make mine rectangular.

Space out your buttons evenly and mark where you want to put them. Using the tip of your scissors poke 6 holes through the cardboard where you want them.
Cut your batting to the same size as the cardboard and lay it on top.

Then wrap your fabric as tightly around the cardboard and batting as you can and staple it to the back.

Using the button covering kit make 6 buttons out of the leftover fabric. You can find these kits at any craft or fabric store. The directions on the box should be self explanatory. (Its a lot easier than it seems.)

Now for the tedious part: Sew the six buttons through the fabric and batting, pulling the needle through the holes you poked in the cardboard. I pulled it through once then pulled the needle through a little square of cardboard just bigger than the hole and tied the knot on that so it would stay. Pull it tight to make it look tufted.

Poke two more holes in the back of your headboard with the scissors and put the command hooks in them. Its easier to do that first and then mount it on your wall (or the back of your desk like I did).

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