DIY Hand Painted Tea Cups

Things You`ll Need
Sketch pad or paper
Glass paint
Paint brushes
Paper towels


1 Wash your teacups well with a mild detergent and warm water, getting rid of any dust or stickers. Anything you paint over will be permanently once you paint let it dry. Ensure your surface is squeaky clean.

2 Sketch your ideas on paper. By designing on paper, you can play with different color schemes and patterns before making it permanent on the teacup.

3 Paint the design on your teacup freehand, working off your sketch. The paint will dry quickly, so wipe away any mistakes quickly with a damp paper towel. Paint light lines first, and go over them again to make them darker. Dilute thick paint with water for lighter tones.

4 Let the paint dry for 24 hours. To set the design, heat your teacup in the oven according to the glass paint instructions. Once the teacup is done baking, let it cool completely on a cooling rack. It is now safe for hand washing and the dishwasher.
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