DIY: Hand Painted Mug!

Credit: Wit & Whistle

I previously posted a chalkboard mug DIY project and now I`m back with a slightly more difficult but still super cool DIY project. It`s a hand-painted mug! While this one is slightly more difficult than simply painting straight lines, if you take the time to work out the design, your results will be pretty awesome! All you need is a porcelain mug (you can get them for a dollar at Michaels!) and Pebeo Porcelaine 150 outliner. I use the outliner since it`s easier to make the designs but you can also use regular porcelain paint and a brush if that works best for you!

1. Wash your mug and make sure it`s clean. Then dry it with a cloth.
2. Paint! I went with the design pictured on Wit & Whistle blog (which I also posted here) since I really like it. But, this DIY project is perfect for any kind of design you guys would like. So, GO CRAZY! Just be careful not to smear as you paint or else you`ll have to start over!
3. Let the paint dry for 24 hours and bake according to the instructions on the paint bottle. Let it cool in the oven and after that, it`s dishwasher safe and ready to use!

I loved the design pictured above and I was so happy with how it came out. The project is pretty simple and the only hard part is getting the design the way you want it. the end, you get a super cool new mug! Needless to say...I have a good amount of super cool mugs at my house now...Let me know how it goes!

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