DIY Hairmask (Tiny Haul)

5 years ago

<strong>PICTURES ARE MY OWN</strong>

Every since two years ago I have been pretty careful with my hair. I had a really bad experience with bleach(bleach+hair= extremely unhealthy, dry, bristle, rough looking hair) NOT A FAN! So I died my hair back to it`s original colour and haven`t used any die products since. During this time I used my straightener maybe six times... six times in two years is pretty good! Plus, I have been using hair masks ESPECIALLY in the dry cold seasons. I have used Aussie`s 3 minute miracle, garnier fructis` triple nutrition, and many diy hair masks from products around the house. I have used: eggs, olive oil, avocados, yogurt, milk, syrup, honey, etc. And I have found that they all do a pretty good job however I hated that if I made a mixture of two or more of these things it would be extremely hard to store. Avocados after blended and mixed
with olive oil and left in the fridge do not have a great smell or actual ability to help your hair. After a week I had to put in the freezer and it was just a mess!

Anyways, I was watching someone on youtube(LINKS BELOW)and they recommended coconut oil. This girls hair was gorgeous and EXTREMELY shiny so of course I decided to give it a try. I could not believe how amazingly soft it was after I tried this product. It comes in a solid form but you melt it two a liquid than apply to your hair. You`d find this in the <strong>organic</strong> section of grocery stores.(mine specifically has no scent) I`m so excited as this will last me a long time and work great!

-easy to store! store in your fridge it won`t go bad like the avocado mixture!
-quite cheap for what you are getting and how long it will last mine was $8.99
-actually works great for shine, prevention of breakage, and smoothness of the hair.
-fragrent free

-may be hard to find .. not at my local Wal Mart or Sobeys had to go to Superstore

I also got some clips from the dollar store just to make styling and doing this process easier as I like to do one layer at a time. Link to the girls channel of who showed me this great mask:

Have you tried this mask, suggest other DIY masks!


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