DIY Hair pin

2 years ago

I was going through one of my junk drawers (we all have at least one) when I came across this old button. It fell off and old sweater I used to love and I kept it with the idea someday I would sew it back on, well that sweater has since been donated to Good Will.
Being the hoarder that I am, I still didn`t want to dispose of this button. I mean look how cute it is, bronze colored and embellished with a rose! So I had an idea, what if I stuck a bobby pin through the hole and put it in my hair.
And Voila! The rest is history!
It was really easy to put this together, and it looks pretty cute! It`s just a small way to add some detail to your outfit, and this can be done with a number of different things like broaches, buttons, pendents, pretty much anything you have laying around!
It always feels good to put one of those old unused space fillers to use, and give it a real purpose. Ever since I made this little guy I have been on the hunt for other cute hair buttons! Maybe this will be the next trend?

The photograph above belongs to me, please do not take it.
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