DIY Hair Bows and Clips

2 years ago

This is another little Hobbie of mine I make Hair Bows and Clips for people, I work with a girl who has one of the largest collections of hair bows I have ever seen in my life! She loves the things, she asked me if I could make her one so I gave it a try and now 1 has turned in to I don`t know how many! They are very fiddley to make so mind your fingers when your ironing it you don`t want to burn yourself.
You can make it out of more or less anything that you have fabric wise I use alot of my left over pieces from when I make cusions or make-up bags, cause its your own Bow you can use whatever you like and make it as big or as little as you want.
What you need to make a bow
-Fabric of your choice
-hot glue gun if not needle and cotton
-Hair clip or a hair bobble whatever you have to hand
1st you need to cut you fabric into a rectangle thats 24inch by 12inch for a good size bow, then fold one of the longer edges in by about 2inch make sure its straight and iron down with the iron
Next fold the over long edge in but this time fold it over the other part that you have just folded and again iron it flat
The to short edges need folding in start of with any side and fold in a few inch and iron flat
The second edge needs to be folded right over and even cover the part of the one we have just done iron that as well.
Once you have done the you need to hole the fabric on the middle and fan in remember put the folded edge down. This is where you will need a glue gun or cotton...
You should have a bit of fabric left for the middle of the bow place this on the back of the bow if you have a glue gun put a little blob on the back and start to wrap the fabric around if your using needle and cotton just wrap it around and sew it tight into place at the end, when you have run out of fabric to wrap either glue it or sew it into place.
Now all you have to do is add the bobble or the clip if you are using a clip I recommend that you use the glue gun if using a bobble then sew it in to place.
So there you have it I will practise making a video to show you how to do it instead of writing it out like this lol.
If you give it a try let me now I would love to see your bows Xx

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