DIY:: Guitar String Bracelet!!

Hey!! I`m here with another tip guys!! :D Coolio?

So I`m going to teach you guys how to make these sweet guitar string bracelets! They look so effing coooool!! Don`t ya think?


Materials you`ll need::

-Old or new guitar strings
-Wire clippers
-Glue gun
-Felt or fabric
-Sequins (optional)

There are 3 methods to make guitar string bracelets and I`ll tell you how to do each one.

Method 1-Braided Method::

A normal six-string guitar comes with-you guessed it-six strings!You can take three of them and braid them then clip off the nuts that they`re attached to.This will make two (2) bracelets.Put the ends together with hot glue and use felt or a soft fabric to attach the ends.

Method 2-Loosies::

Clip the ends of the guitar strings from the nuts.Wrap each of the guitar strings around your wrist so they fit right.Use a ribbon of some sort to tie the ends together.You can change the string color so it can coordinate with your clothes.This will make six bracelets.

Method 3-Up the arm::

You can use the natural coil of the strings for this method.Cut off the ends of the strings that are attached to the guitar nuts.Get your glue gun and some felt or fabric.With the glue gun and fabric/felt attach it to the end of the next string.The fabric will hide the dried glue.Once you attach all six ends of the strings together,coil them up your arm from your wrist to your elbow.You can add sequins to the ends to give it a little design.This can make about two bracelets.

Kinda confusing, I know. :/ But hey,in the end if you`re able to figure it all out,you`ll have a pretty bad-ass bracelet :D

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