DiY Gold Glitter Clutch

You will need:

Glue gun & glue

Two pieces of felt, 9x12 inches (23x30 cm) each and another piece of felt that`s 6x4 inches (15x10 cm)

Envelope clutch (a gold colored one will work the best)

Glossy Mod Podge

Gold glitter

Small brush

Small container with air tight lid

What to do:

1. Take your two pieces of felt and glue the together, overlapping the long sides by a tiny bit. You now have a rectangle that`s wider than long.

2. Fold this lengthwise into thirds (like you would a brochure)

3. Glue the long edges to each other down, overlapping them a bit. Now you have a felt tube with a seam down the middle.

4. Fold each side to each other so that both ends meet in the middle.

5. Glue the ends down. Your tube should now be 4 layers thick, folded on the outer edges and open at the top and the bottom.

6. Now take your small piece of felt and fold it lengthwise to form a tube and glue the edges together--it should be a little felt straw, if you will.

7. Now go back to your big rectangle, pinch the middle and scrunch it to form a bow shape (like bow pasta noodles)

8. Wrap the tube, seam side down, around the middle of the bow. Overlap the ends of the tube, pulling as tightly as possible around the middle of the bow, and glue down. Trim off the excess tube length.

9. You now have a felt bow!

10. Mark a little square (about 1.5x1.5 inches) in the middle of the front of your clutch.

11. Pour some glitter into your container (you kind of want a lot)

12. Add in an equal amount of Mod Podge. It should be about a 1:1 ratio, which will seem a bit thick, but allows you do to fewer layers overall. Mix well with the brush, making sure to get all the dry glitter at the bottom of the container.

13. Start painting the bow with the glitter mixture. It`ll look really white at first, but it will dry clear.

14. Do a layer on the front of the bow, and let it dry.

15. Paint a layer on the outside of the clutch, without getting glue or glitter on the marked off square in the middle (that`s where you`ll be gluing the bow and you want to glue it directly to the clutch).

16. Make sure, as your doing this, that your container of mod podge/glitter is kept closed so that it won`t dry in there.

17. Wait until your mod podge is at least no longer tacky until you you paint a second layer of flip it over and do the under side. Also, don`t paint on the center back of the bow (this is the part you`ll be gluing to the clutch)

18. Continue doing layer after layer of mod podge/ glitter on both your bow and your clutch until everything is covered with glitter really well, you don`t have to worry much about the back of the bow, because you won`t see it, and you can get by easily with oly doing one coat of glitter/mod podge.

19. Put some hot glue in the square you left clean, and on the back of the bow. Let the glue sit a few seconds to get a bit tacky.

20. Press the back to the bow to the clutch and hold it down, without moving it, for a good 20 seconds, while the glue sets.

21. When the glue is completely dry (give it a few minutes) you can add a dab of hot glue under each "wing" of the bow to keep it secure all over.

And you`re done! That`s your bow clutch :)

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