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9 months ago

Hey luuuxers!

I know Christmas has come and gone, but I wanted to show you all the gifts I made for all the younger cousins etc in my life.

Last year, I made them all personalized Christmas ornaments. Since they were so popular, I decided to make them another personalized gift this year!

I wasn`t sure what to make them, but I came across a video on YouTube where someone was making DIY art for a nursery.

I adapted the idea and used Armenian letters to create their initial on a canvas.

It`s actually a pretty inexpensive gift, since I was able to get most of the items at the dollar store!

I ended up making over a dozen of these since they became so popular! And while they are inexpensive, they were also time consuming, since you had to wait for all the layers to dry.

First, you take the canvas, and paint it all the solid colour of your choice. It usually take 2-3 coats to get an even coat of colour. It`s then best to let the paint completely dry for a few hours or overnight, so the glitter doesn`t stick to it in the next steps.

In the meanwhile, you need to choose what your image is going to be - again, I chose Armenian letters for initials (the first one, if you are wondering, in an `N` while the one that looks like a `U` is actually an `S`). I printed out the letters in a large size, and cut it out with an exacto knife. I then used these letters as a template to trace onto the canvas with pencil.

You then applied an even coat of glue to cover the entire surface of the letter. You have to be very careful to create a precise line so I used a small paintbrush. Once done, I dumped a liberal amount of glitter to cover the entire thing. After a couple of minutes, I tipped it over onto a sheet of paper so I could save all the excess glitter.

You then need to let the glitter dry completely. Often times, there were some bare spots that needed to be touched up with more glitter, but if you try to touch up while the glue is still wet, it clumps together and doesn`t look good.

After any touch-ups, I once again let the glue completely dry. But the problem with glitter is that it can leave a mess, so to prevent it from continually `shedding`, I painted a clear layer of glue on top of the glitter to seal it all in. Technically, you don`t have to do this step, but I suggest it. The glue dries completely clear and it prevents glitter getting all over everything.

After all that, it is finally done! While there is a lot of waiting in between, it`s a great keepsake and is a great gift idea. You can customize to any person or even do different shapes or characters.

I have a feeling that I will keep making these since they were such a hit! These could be great for bridal or baby showers etc.

Do you guys think you will try this out?


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