DIY Ghetto Makeshift Mango quotShavedquot Ice

4 years ago

Shaved ice: everyone loves it, but it`s definitely not something you should go out and get by yourself. Especially if the places around you that serve it, serve it in huge, gigantic portions.

The other night I had a hormonal craving for some kind of shaved ice. I was home alone and no one to go with.. so what did I do? I made some myself.. The ghetto way. You guys are going to laugh at the lengths I went to even make this pathetic excuse for "shaved" ice, but I`ll tell you anyway!

The only fruit I had at home left was one little mango. So I cut that up into itty-bitty.. bits. Then I got some ice. Now, in order for shaved ice to be shaved ice the ice had to be.. shaved. Unfortunately for me, I lack the privileges of owning a glorious ice shaver, so... I got a meat tenderizer and just started smashing ice. Then I opened a can of condensed milk and poured it all over my ice and mango bits. And wah-lah!!! I had my ghetto mango shaved ice.

I posted that picture up on instagram and my friends said it looked like mango cubed ice, but hey I had to make due with my materials. LOL

Have you ever made your own shaved ice? Whats your favorite kind? Better yet.. Have you ever gone to great lengths to get something you craved?

Thanks for reading my totally boring story.. Hehe! :)

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