DIY Gel Nails!!!

6 years ago

Picture is mine

Do it yourself gel nails!!
I got the Real Life Brush on Gel Nails Kit by broadway nails and it is amazing! Instead of spending alot on gel nails you can just do them at home yourself for cheaper. I got the kit online at ebay for pretty cheap and I went to my local Sallys and just got nail tips also, you might want to get nail glue. All you have to do is:

find the nail tips that fit all of your fingers and you can actually use the gel as glue and stick them on.

wait a few minutes for all of them to dry and cut them down to your desired length and file them down. this part probably takes the longest.

next, you brush on the gel and before it drys brush on the applicator return the applicator brush to the brush cleaner so your brush wont get hard.

repeat the steps for all of the nails. I believe you can apply more coats of the applicator. It drys quickly and it comes out very shiny so there is no need for a clear top coat. It`s very easy to do and in my opinion easier than do it yourself acrylic nails! I took me and hour to do all of my nails.

Also if you`re ever stuck on whether to get acrylic or gel nails. You should get gel, it`s more expensive but better for nails. Above is a picture of how my nails turned out after I was done. This was my first time doing it and I put on the tips a little too high...

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