DIY: Galaxy Vans

4 years ago

Over the summer I made my own galaxy vans (not on real vans, on plain plimsoles). The picture isn`t of the shoes I made, I just found the pic on the internet.
(This is optional) Mask the plastic of the shoes to protect them also from the paint. (NOTE: if you do get paint on the plastic, dont fret simply put some nail polish remover on a Q-Tip and scrub it off)
Dab on the blue paint (or your darkest colour) I used blue as I wanted my nebula to look pink/purple. Dab it in patterns or formations it can be totally random or you can try and copy a famous image of some nebula!
The sponges I used were awesome as if i put on too much paint I could just scratch some off right away with what I like to call the scratchy side
Repeat with pink, use more sparingly than the blue, but again in formations.
Now you should be building up a night sky look.
Lilac time!
Your nebula should be really taking shape by now. Though it may still all look a mess. This is due to the lack of stars.
Take some fabric paint. I used multi purpose 3D metallic white paint that did the trick fabulously.
Dot on little stars and draw on bigger stars! If you make a mistake, simply repeat steps 3, 5 and 7 until youre happy.
Now simply wait a few hours for it to dry, thread back in the laces, and ta-da! You have galaxy shoes!

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