DIY: French Manicure!

4 years ago

Just yesterday my friend Hannah booked an appointment at the salon for French manicure. And, the DIY freak that I am, I took upon the task to teach her to do it herself! And, thought I would write this post and help all my girl friends out here!

But, before we start, here are a few notes to begin with. First, Ill prefer you to buy branded nail-paints only as the cheap ones could erode your nails very easily. Secondly, be patient and practice, practice and practice!

So, lets get down to it!

You will need:

A French manicure kit (if you can arrange for) or cotton balls, nail polish remover, hand moisturizer (optional), nail file, buffer (optional), cuticle pusher, base-coat polish, neutral-color polish, white nail polish, top-coat polish, nail-guide strip.

How to go about it?

Using a cotton ball and nail polish remover, erase the traces of your previous nail paint off your nails.

Moisturize your hands and forearms well with the moisturizer.

Get rid of the extra cuticles with the help of a cuticle pusher. Take your nail file and shape the tips in any shape you want, be it round, square or crescent. Finish off with a quick buffing over the surface of the nails. And, now its the time to apply the base coat!

The essence of the French manicure is the crisp, white tips of your nails. To get those tips, paint the white nail polish on the tips of your nails. If it turns out to be a little messy for you, use nail-guide strips. Get the strips and apply them to the area where your actual finger tip ends. Paint the part that extends beyond that point i.e. tips, white. Make sure that the strips are even.

After drying up the tips, gently lift the nail guide strips from the nails.

Now its time for the first coat. Paint the entire nail with the neutral color polish.

Again, paint the entire nail with top-coat polish. And you are done!

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