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4 years ago

To some of you who are a little more advanced in terms of photography, this might be old news, lol, but please bear with me because I am sure there are still people out there who don`t know what this is for. Basically, what a flash diffuser does is disperse the light coming from the flash so that your subject doesn`t get hit with bright harsh lighting. This is especially very helpful when shooting at close range, which is something I do very often with the pictures for my blog. I like taking pictures with flash. It helps bring out the colors of my makeup and capture the shimmers that you won`t see without flash. The problem is sometimes the flash is too harsh or too concentrated on a certain part of the subject so for a more balanced and softer lighting this is when the diffuser comes in handy. There are many ways you can do your own diffuser in order to fit your camera but this is what works for my Rebella. Tools and supplies I used: A clear used plastic product packaging that I have no other use for. It`s sturdy yet flexible. Scissors Box cutter Clear tape Tracing paper Directions: 1.I first cut up the plastic packaging to create a frame. The dimensions are approximately 4 x 2. 2.With the clear packaging, I also cut out what looks like a handle, which is what I plan to fit and insert into the area where you would attach a flash. 3.I used two layers of tracing paper and taped it to the screen. 4.I taped the handle to the screen. Pretty simple but effective. Since I`m not very good with directions, I think the picture should give you a better idea about what I`m talking about. 5.Once my makeshift flash diffuser is assembled, I just attach it to the camera whenever needed. And here are some sample pictures so you can see what it looks with and without the flash diffuser. I used the same distance and same settings. See how the flash diffuser eliminates the harsh lighting from the flash. Again, you can customize your DYI flash diffuser to fit your camera. The main idea is to create a barrier that will soften and diffuse the light coming from the flash to balance the light and shadows around your subject. I hope you found this post helpful. Let me know if you plan on trying this or have tried and how it turned out for you. **Pictures and contents are mine. Do not use without permission** If you enjoy my posts, you can also follow me on:

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