Ingredients you will need:
Cube thing you make ice with
Green Tea Bag
Viatamin E Oil or Viatamin E gels

How to make it -
First thing you need to do, is pour some water into a cup, then heat it up in your microwave until it`s pretty warm, then put your tea bag in and move it around in the water for a couple seconds, see how it`s getting green? then leave the tea bag in the water for about 3-5 minutes. After that if your using Viatamin E Oil then i would put about a teaspoon or a little bit more in the water, and if your using the gels instead, get one out, take a toothpick & stick it in the gel, and sqeeze it into your green tea, the viatamin e should be coming out, do that to about 3 more of them. & Mix it all together. Get your little ice cube container things, whatever thing makes your ice, I have no idea what it`s called, LOL. & pour your green tea in them. & Put it into your freezer. Now after about an hour, hour an a half, take them out, and there not gonna be completely frozen, but they should be a little bit, and stick toothpicks in them, put them back in the freezer overnight. `

How to use it -
By the next morning it should be completely frozen, now take one icecube out with your toothpick, and just rub it all over your face, for as long as you want, and just leave it on there. it`s gonna be really cold ): But it`s actually really good for your skin, viatamin e oil& green tea, are amazing for the skin.

You can leave the rest in the freezer, and use them whenever you want for the next week I would say.

You can get viatamin e oil, at walmart, target, cvs, walgreens, any of those stores, for around 5 dollars. I think it`s worth the money, considering it`s really good for the skin, and can also help to get rid of acne scars. I love it.

That`s all you have to do, it`s pretty simple.
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