DIY Emergency Hair fix =)

4 years ago

I`m sure most of you have experienced some form of frizz on your hair during humid weather or when you`re caught in the rain.

I remember back in the day, I hated rain because I would straighten my hair, which was then medium length down to the chest, and it would completely ruin my hair. Not only was there frizz, but it would not be straight anymore.

I`ve tried hair gels, hair sprays, hair mousse and though it worked, I hated the feeling of it in my hair, especially when I had to wash it all over again at night.

So when it rained, I just stopped styling my hair altogether and even though my hair doesn`t frizz, the ends to end up flying around and it causes my face to be itchy.

One DIY solution I found that worked was actually rubbing some hand cream on your hair right after you apply it on your hands.

I actually found this out my accident. My hands get dry a lot, so I always carry around a small tube of hand cream. I usually use the Muji bottles with the pump. It`s about 100 mL and it works very well. I put in Baby Lotion inside as I have ezcema and this really helps.

So once, after I got rained on, the ends of my hair kept waving around my face, causing my neck and face to start getting itchy. When prolonged, my skin rashes up. What happened was, my hands were also dry so I rubbed some hand cream on my hands and then I got so annoyed at my hair that I immediately brushed my hair back with my hands. Because the cream was still drying, some rubbed onto my hair and I noticed that the ends no longer flew. There was no frizz where I brushed it. The minimal amounts of hand cream helped seal in the hair strands to prevent fly aways. And because the majority of the hand cream was being absorbed into my hands, a very minimal amount was on my hair so it didn`t weigh it down or make it feel greasy. In fact, you couldn`t feel it at all, but the effect of that minimal amount helped seal up the loose strands.

So for the ladies who always carry hand cream, if you need a quick fix for those flyaways, just brush your hair gently with your fingers and palms right after you apply hand cream. This would immediately de-frizz your hair and keep it de-frizzed.

Hope that helps!

*photo is mine*


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