DIY Earring Organizer

5 years ago

I used to have my earrings on one of those display dolls, but it was hard for me to visualize all the pairs i had. Eventually the doll looked like a mess, and i kept knocking it over spilling everything on the floor.

Finally got around to doing this DIY, all you need is a picture frame and a pair of old stockings.
1) Take the frame apart and get rid of the glass
2) Slide your old stockings over the cardboard and foam (usually comes with the picture frame) and secure the stocking in place
3) Slide the frame over the cardboard foam piece
4) Adjust the backing of the stocking and cut off the excess
5) Transfer your earrings over in desired place
6) Display.

I love this because i can drop it as much as i want and none of my earrings will budge or fall from its spot! I didn`t even remember owning half of the pairs i have. its true what they say, out of sight, out of mind, now i wear my earring much more frequently =)

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