DIY: Cute Q-tip Storage!

2 years ago

I use Q-tips for all sorts of things, from actual ear cleaning to eye makeup removing and even cleaning the nooks and crannies in my bathroom. I`ve always hated the big, bulky box they come in, so I devised a better way to store them! It`s cute, quick, and free to do!

-Clean candle jar


1. Get a Clean Candle Jar

I have found that the three-wick Bath and Body Works candle jars are absolutely PERFECT for this! They`re the perfect size for Q-tips and the glass jar is pretty and looks nice on a bathroom counter. Essentially, any glass jar would work, really, but the BBW ones are fantastic for this - especially since they have a lid, too!

2. Layer Q-tips In Jar
The key to get this storage method to work and look good is to layer the Q-tips as you put them into the jar. Photos 3 and 4 show how I create a `base layer` of Q-tips in the jar and then begin adding a second layer and so on. This is important because it maximizes the utilized space in the jar and keeps all the Q-tips orderly and straight. Otherwise, they begin to cross over one another and it gets messy. Trust me, I`ve tried. This does mean inserting them one at a time for awhile, but it goes quickly.

3. Fill Jar with Q-tips
Once you have a few good layers of Q-tips going, it gets much easier to add them. Photo 5 shows what the jar looks like almost half way done. Photo 6 shows what the outside of the jar should look like as you continue to fill it. Once it gets `full,` you`ll notice you`ll be able to squeeze more Q-tips in by just inserting them down into the jar. It`s amazing how many can fit! As you use them up, just replace them with the ones still left in the Q-tip box. That way, you get to throw away the box sooner, too. One less bulky thing taking up space!

4. Display Your Jar!
Because your Q-tips are now in a cute glass container, you can actually keep them out on your bathroom counter. I love the way mine looks sitting next to my sink! They`re in a convenient location, easy to access, and they stay clean with the lid on and I don`t have to worry about a bulky Q-tip box taking up room. It`s a win-win!

Do you do anything to store your Q-tips a special way? Using a Bath and Body Works candle jar like this is really perfect! :)

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