DIY cute collages

LOVE collages (: they make great room decorations.

Pretty spontaneous collage (to the left) my favorite

You`ll need;
a picture frame (old or new)
paint (if necessary)
flowers, bows, lace, photos, ribbons, neclaces, pearls, clothespins, lyrics, ribbons etc. for decorating
hot glue, super glue, thumb tacks, tape, etc. for sticking
O1. get a picture frame thats pretty big probably at the least 12 x 14 (that doesnt exist, but you get the jist rite?)
O2. gather all you decorations and lay them out on the picture frame. Place flowers, ribbon, bows, etc. like everywhere. Place thumbtacks and hang cute necklaces from it. Put family photos and magazine clippings on it.
O3. then glue everything down.
O4. hang it up in the empty wall of your room! (:

Picture collage This one is really cute (:

You`ll need;
a magazine (preferably like seventeen, vogue, glamour, etc.)
online access (google images)
poster board
glue gun/ glue stick

O1. first, print out pictures or cut pictures out of a magazine of your favorite ads. Also include pictures of flowers, your favorite brands and celebrities
O2. Then, lay out the pictures how you want them, dont glue yet
O3. decide to add or take away more pictures.
O4. Then, glue down overlapping edges and corners and decorate with bows, paper, flowers etc.

Photo collage This one is more personal.

You`ll need;
a place to print out family/friend pictures
a TON of photos
a poster board
hot glue gun/ glue stick

O1. print out a lot of family/ friend pictures of different sizes and lay them out.
O2. Then take your poster board and overlap your pictures at the edges so it makes a collage (DO NOT glue it yet!
O3. rearrange anything and stand back... does it look good? need more photos? rearrange as you please
O4. Glue down the photos the place you placed them.
O5. decorate by lining with lace, bows and ribbons!

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