{ * DIY! } Custom Dazzle Bra

So anyway, I love these custom bras and I finally made one of my own. I hung it up on my wall as decoration so it doesnt ruin or get dirty :p Because its so cute! Heres how to make your own!

regular bra
all sorts of embellishments
hot glue gun or E6000 glue

You can use every kind of embellishments you want. Pearls, sequins, rhinestones, ribbon, ribbon trims, flowers, chains, feathers, studs, glitter, anything you can get your hands on!

Its simple! Start off with a fresh and clean bra. It can be any color and even have a little design on it. Choose any bra you want to give an upgrade. Choose one thats still firm and has its shape.

Play with your embellishments to see where you want them. Try creating your own little design. Maybe write your initials or a word using. I used rhinestones and put LO on one cup and VE on the other to spellLOVE. Can you tell I passed my spelling tests? xp hahaha

Okay, enough playing around. Lets get to work. Use your glue to place each embellishment where you want. Use just a small dot of glue. Press and hold it on the bra for a few seconds and remove access glue.

When gluing ribbon or chain, glue it down a little at a time instead trying to do it all at once. For glitter, use a popsicle stick or plastic knife to spread the glue on the bra and then add the glitter on top of the area.

Keep gluing your stuff until you come to your final product and then youre done! Hang it on your wall if youre daring! Or wear it under a muscle tee or cardigan. Have fun and enjoy!

Dont wear it too often so that you wont have to wash it often. Wash your bra in a lingerie wash bag to protect your embellishments from peeling off. Wash on delicate cycle at cool or cold temperature and dry at low temperature. If youre afraid of using the machine, or dont have a lingerie bag, hand wash the bra and let it air dry. This is probably the safest way.

s m i l e ! youre B E A U T I F U L

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